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UniSim Design

UniSim® Design

The Leading Process Simulator (Design Operate Optimize)

Honeywell’s UniSim® Design software is an intuitive and interactive process modelling software that enables engineers to create steady-state and dynamic models for plant design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and operational improvement.

The oil and gas production, gas processing, petroleum refining and chemical industries must optimize their process designs to achieve more reliable and stable operations. With latest version of R442, Unisim Design offers:

  • UniSim Steady State & Dynamic
  • UniSim Flare
  • EO Blowdown Utility to accurately predict the blowdown behavior of pressure vessels and allow for safer, more complete & precise blowdown studies, lower CAPEX for greenfield or brownfield expansion projects
  • Continuous interface with other 3rd party software
  • Compatibility with Aspen Technology’s HYSYS
  • Free trial of simulation software
  • UniSim PIPESYSTM option


Uniformance®PHD Provides Rich History

Honeywell’s Uniformance® Process History Database (PHD) collects, stores, and replays historical and continuous plant process data, increasing data security and improving process performance. PHD helps engineers and plant managers make better and faster decisions with superior data management.

DynAMo Alarm Management

Turning Noise into Knowledge Through Effective Alarm Management

Alarm systems are the primary tool for identifying abnormal situations and helping plant personnel take timely, appropriate action to move their processes back to operational targets. For operations considering undertaking an alarm management program, Honeywell offers the best software and solution in class in its own right.


Robust Simulator for Amine Package

ProTreat® software was originally developed for simulating processes for the removal of H2S, CO2, and mercaptans from a variety of high and low pressure gas streams by absorption into thermally regenerable aqueous solutions containing one or more amines.  Recently added capabilities include the physical solvent DMPEG (dimethylether of polyethyleneglycol) for acid gas removal, and dehydration using triethylene glycol (TEG).  

The ProTreat package makes exclusive use of a column model that treats the separation as a mass transfer rate process.  This completely eliminates the need for empirical adjustments to simulate new applications correctly.  Equilibrium stages and user-supplied estimates of tray efficiencies and HETPs are avoided, and columns are modeled with the number of real trays and physical depth of real packing they actually contain.

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Asset Manager

Promote Collaboration & Data Sharing Across Remote Asset Management Teams

Asset manager is built on IntuitionTM, the next evolution in enterprise-wide information integration and real-time visualization.

Why spend money doing costly preventive maintenance when Asset Manager enables you to execute an effective condition based maintenance program?

Powered by Matricon, this product/solution is system and application independent.


Corrosion attacks every component at every stage in the life of every oil & gas field, gas processing, petroleum & chemical industries.

Because it is almost impossible to prevent corrosion, it is becoming more apparent that estimating and controlling the corrosion rate may be the most economical solution by the use of corrosion prediction software.

Either the users have issue with:

  • Carbon steel corrosion in CO2 & H2O environment
  • Corrosion in rich amine system
  • Corrosion due to naphthenic & sulfidic
  • Internal corrosion doe to water accumulation
  • Corrosion in sulfuric acid alkylation
  • Corrosion in corrosive NH4HS environment
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) material selection

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