Flow Assurance

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Advanced Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator

LedaFlow® is the product of ten years of innovative development by SINTEF sponsored, guided and supported by TOTAL and ConocoPhillips, commercialised and developed further by KONGSBERG.  LedaFlow® is based on models that are closer to the actual physics of multiphase flow and provides a step change in detail, fidelity, quality, accuracy and flexibility over existing multiphase flow simulation technology.

LedaFlow® has been extensively validated against the best available and most comprehensive experimental data sets to ensure that the models are as representative as possible.  LedaFlow® is designed with an intuitive user interface to ensure that productivity is improved and with a comprehensive relational database to ensure that all cases are stored and readily available.


LedaFlow® is used in flow assurance calculations for wells and flowlines for:

  • Liquid management
  • Line sizing and route selection
  • Thermal inhibitors and design
  • Slug catcher sizing
  • Contingency planning
  • Hydrate, wax and corrosion monitoring

The LedaFlow® simulator offers an extensive package of functionality that does not require additional modules to complete standard studies. LedaFlow® provides the first commercially available solution to accurately predict hydrodynamic slug behaviour without user input.


A New and Powerful Dynamic Process Simulation Tool

Enhanced dynamic simulation tool enables more confidence in system and process design.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has launched K-Spice, its next generation dynamic process simulation tool.  In addition to a wealth of sophisticated new and improved features for system management, thermodynamics, solvers and a flexible and intuitive graphical user interface, K-Spice combines the very best of the proven, class leading D-SPICE and ASSET lifecycle simulation solutions from KONGSBERG.

"Our extensive and unique experience has been channelled into K-Spice, allowing us to develop a powerful, flexible dynamic process simulation solution for the oil & gas market.  K-Spice offers a wide range of improvements including a modern, intuitive user interface, simplified data handling, enhanced calculations and increased robustness and performance," comments Eliot Clutten, Head of Product Development for the Simulation & Optimisation business unit at Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies.

K-Spice enables detailed dynamic simulation of oil and gas processes and control systems throughout the whole process lifecycle.  K-Spice is a Windows based tool with a flexible and intuitive graphical user interface and a wealth of advanced features.  K-Spice is designed for use across the core applications of: Project feasibility/concept selection, Pre-engineering/detailed engineering, Commissioning/production start-up, Operator Training and Online operations/maintenance support/process optimisation.  Within each application K-Spice offers a multitude of functionality based on high-fidelity simulation models that can be re-used at every stage of the project.

K-Spice forms the basis of a wide variety of solutions from KONGSBERG, including conceptual process studies, engineering verification, control system checkout, operator training and real-time production monitoring systems.  The range of applications is steadily growing in order to meet new trends in the industry – in particular for Integrated Operations (IO).