Drilling Solutions


The Power to Turn Data into Decision (Real Time Operation Drilling)

SiteCom® is a real-time data aggregation system designed to allow distributed teams to make important drilling and well construction decisions with the most up-to-date information possible.

This repository solution enables on-line archiving of real-time data and the information derived from it.  It is a system that enables rapid play-back for post well analysis and provides an invaluable resource when planning new wells even if the adjacent wells were drilled many years ago.

SiteCom® is a collaborative solution that enables all parties involved in the operation to see the same data at the same time at their desk or on the move.  With an open, independent solution, a set of common workflows supported by dashboards developed to display all key performance indicators for any given process can be developed to improve consistency for all company personnel.

SiteCom® is designed to ensure drilling optimisation based on the above building blocks and is designed to ensure that operators can meet their five key objectives when planning, drilling and delivering wells: Drill safely, quickly and cheaply, position the well accurately, and be consistent.  As a fully integrated real-time data solution that helps operators address these challenges, SiteCom® brings significant and immediate value.


DrillScan is an independent company that offers unique business solutions for improving drilling performance. The company is organized into three departments: Drilling Software Development, Well Engineering Services, and an R&D Oil & Gas Laboratory.

DrillScan will help clients in their choices with guidance and definition of robust drilling system for specific application such as:

  • Complex wells
  • Deep water drilling
  • HPHT
  • Foothills
  • HDD
  • SAGD
  • CBM
  • ERD
  • and more ...