Protect Your Assets

Pipeline Asset Monitoring

  • Do you have FIBER OPTIC?
  • Do you wish accuracy in pin-pointing gas/oil LEAK location within meters?
  • Can we avoid Third Party Intrusion and Illegal Hot Tapping activities?
  • Is your pigging instrument stuck somewhere?

If one of the answers is “Yes”, please contact us to provide you with the BEST solution.

Our technology enables a new era of data collection and management to deliver security, tracking, protection, and unique new applications for optimising performance in upstream oil field services, pipeline monitoring, borders military & transport industires. The technology combines the capture and analytic capabilities of the primary interrogator unit with advanced software algorithms to deliver into our customers hands, delivering:

  • Instant identification and alerts – for economic protection of thousands of kilometres of pipeline, strategic sites or along whole borders
  • Simultaneous four mode monitoring of pipelines for leak prevention and detection and PIG tracking - through a single system
  • Improved safety environments for down well operations
  • Enhanced yield and cost reduction for down-well measurements and management