Separation Technology

State of the Art


Separation Technology for Oil & Gas

Frames solutions and technology are proven and innovative. Over the past three decades, Frames has gained experience with numerous separation technologies, working according to a variety of requirements and regulations. Frames focuses continuously on broadening and improving the portfolio in the oil and water market, and working closely together with R&D. Frames understands the need for changing requirements, and is always eager to find the best solution for the clients.

Frames has a complete product portfolio, backed by their commitment to sustainability, quality, document control and supply chain management. At Frames, we collaborate one-on-one with our clients, and put the unique power of our knowledge, skills and dedication to work.

Headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn in The Netherlands, Frames has more than 500 employees working in offices worldwide. Frames comprises 6 (six) strategic business units, each focuses on a specific range of systems & solutions.

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