Efficient & Dynamic Drilling Solutions

The best choice for combination of dynamic tool for the entire work process, solutions for any type of well, and safe operations.

Modules include:

  • Drillbench Presmod
  • Drillbench Hydraulics
  • Drillbench Frictionmaster
  • Drillbench Dynamic Hydraulics
  • Drillbench Dynamic Well Control
  • Drillbench Dynaflodrill
  • Drillbench Steadyflodrill
  • Drillbench Dynamic UBD

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Special announcement :

It has been an honour and enjoyable 3,5 fruitful years being the sole agent of SPT Group in Indonesia for the promotion software/service of OLGA, O4W, MEPO, FORGAS, and other products. ATS would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to SPT Group Malaysia's staff and management team for the business relationship and support.

Since SPT Group has been acquired by Schlumberger in 2012, ATS is undergoing a transition period to hand over the agency back to Schlumberger in 2013.

For all new inquiries, kindly address directly to Schlumberger's website at www.slb.com.