Oil & Gas

Vibration & Noise

Vibration & Noise Studies

For over 20 years, Vibratec has solved any type of vibration & noise issues. This success is based on skilled and experienced people and on efficient methodology.

Vibratec’s capabilities are dealing with:

  • Skid design
  • Internal default
  • Reciprocating equipment
  • Supporting structure
  • Piping

Troubleshooting Methodology:

  • Vibration survey
  • Operating deformation shape
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Mitigation action
  • Piping

Measurement Consultancy

KELTON® is an independent company specializing in measurement consultancy, auditing, training and the provision of specialist software. KELTON® is an Investor in People.

Founded in 1991, KELTON® employs more than 30 consultants with over 500 man years of experience in the management, operation and maintenance of flow measurement systems and an outstanding reputation in the industry.  UKAS accreditation supports the consultancy services with the scope encompassing the certification of Hydrocarbon Measurement and Allocation Systems.

FM2P®.net is the KELTON® Fiscal Metering Management Suite of commercially available software and applications developed to manage all key measurement activities. KELTON® is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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Well Integrity Toolkit

Well failures hit a company hard at every level. Production is affected, people may be harmed and environmental disaster is a potential risk.

Wood Group’s Intectech has drawn on this extensive onshore and offshore experience to develop the Intetech Well Integrity Toolkit (iWIT®) software & offers operators customized well integrity management.

Drilling Consultancy

Expert Engineering Drilling Service

In every phase of project, DrillScan experts will support clients to improve drilling performance and guarantee best HSEQ execution.

In the field a lot of firms are linked or owned by hardware manufactures and could provide biased services. Unlike these companies, DrillScan is independent and will provide objective scientific analysis & independent solutions.